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F.A.Q. – Booking

Frequently Asked Questions

  • how does this quotation last?
    kindly check with us before booking flights as the mentioned room might be the last one we still have available and on-sale on the Internet web-site and the sale itself can't be suspended
  • what is required now for securing the reservation?
    you should write to us you want to confirm. After that, we will send you a confirm and request for the payment of the 30% deposit
  • how many days do I have for paying the deposit? What if I do not pay within the advised time?
    you will have 10 days from the confirm. Should the payment not be done, the option will be cancelled
  • how can I pay the deposit?
    it can be paid with a bank transfer to our bank account. Details for the transfer will be provided at the confirm
  • am I not allowed paying with my credit card?
    yes, if you wish. You should kindly let us know the card details (network, number, expiry, holder) and we will charge the authorized amount from our POS. After that, we will send you a copy of the credit card receipt and the final confirm
  • do you accept American Express cards for the deposit?
    unfortunately not because we are not allowed charging an AmEx when the credit card itself is not at the place
  • in case of cancellation, can I request the deposit back?
    yes, if you will inform us within 30 days prior the check-in date

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