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F.A.Q. – Rates

Frequently Asked Questions

  • what do your rates include?
    the rates include the Bed and Breakfast service
  • are the taxes included?
    all the taxes are included except the Municipality one, wich is 1,00 €/day/person and is due only between June 1st and September 30th and only for >=10 years aged persons
  • how do we have to pay the Municipality tax? Only cache?
    you will be able to pay it with the Hotel's bill and then even by credit card
  • is the beach service included?
    unfortunately not
  • may we get a quotation with no breakfast?
    unfortunately not
  • how much is the beach service?
    it is from 15,00 to 30,00 €/day per two peoples, depending on the period and it includes two sun-beds and parasol
  • our child is younger than 2 years: he does not pay, right?
    he does not if you don't need an extra cot/bed for him
  • we have two children younger than 2 years: do not both pay?
    only the joungest one does not pay

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